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Save time, nurture your audience and automate routine, manual tasks. Increase your efficiency and productivity without compromising on quality

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☑️ 1000+ Posts Per Day
☑️ Post Types: Images, Articles, Comments
☑️ Increased sales
☑️ Time saved
☑️ Automation + Unique
☑️ Twitter, Facebook, Youtube , Pinterest...

:::Frequently Asked Questions:::

What sites are supported?

☑️twitter post
☑️instagram post
☑️facebook post
☑️pinterest post
☑️linkedin post
☑️twitter comment
☑️facebook comment
☑️youtube comment
☑️tiktok comment

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is the use of software and technology to automate repetitive, manual marketing activities. Marketing automation is often used for activities like email, advertising, and social media posts.

Do small businesses need marketing automation?

Yes, you need marketing automation even as a small business or startup. Most small businesses pinch pennies until they can bring in consistent revenue. Extra expenses also often get put off until that time.

Investing in marketing automation in the early days can help your small business in several ways. For one, you’re strengthening your marketing approach from the get-go. That means more leads, fewer missed opportunities for conversions, and—hopefully—more sales.

Also, given that you’re a small business, you probably have only a handful of employees, right? That’s the standard for companies of this size, after all. You plan to hire more employees when you can afford to pay more people. In the meantime, marketing automation can fill in the gaps. You can use it to send emails, start and manage campaigns, post to social media, and track campaign success, to name a few purposes.

Marketing automation makes you feel like you have more employees than you really do. It also simplifies the lives of the employees you do have. No longer do they have to sit in front of the computer to send that one email or post on social media at a specific time. They can schedule messages and then get back to other important tasks.

Is marketing automation useful for growing my business?

Absolutely, marketing automation can help you grow and succeed in your business ventures. There are three main areas in which you’ll benefit most from using marketing automation. These include the retention of customers, lead nurturing, and inbound lead generation.

The customers you do have make up the backbone of your business. That becomes especially truer if you’re a small business with an equally small audience base. You want each customer you do have to stick around while making new customers from lead conversions.

With marketing automation, you can create profiles for each of your customers. These offer you a comprehensive 360-degree view into all parts of your customer and who they are. That includes their behaviors, firmographics, and data like their gender, age, location, sometimes even their job title and income. From there, you have the freedom to organize your audience into buckets and then market towards them with targeted campaigns.

Marketing automation can also assist you in generating more leads for your small business. With inbound marketing, in which you rely on social media, websites, landing pages, blogs, and more, you can capture the attention of more leads. By personalizing these pages, you appeal to the interests of your lead segments.

After you gain their interest, you can use lead nurturing services through marketing automation to maintain it. Besides that, you may also open up lead communications, often through several channels. With lead scoring, you can determine which of your leads would make the most ideal customers and then gravitate towards them. It’s then up to you to convert them.